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We offer a particular line of moderate bronze fountains, contemporary statues of bronze kids , bronze figures. cow statues , life size animals statues , animatronic statues Most bronzes that we offer are " Lost Wax Method '.

We serve cow statues bronze fountains   
 and bronze sculptures

We additionally deal modest markdown bronze models as close out . On the off chance that you have any inquiries please contact us. We are accessible 7 days a week from 10 to 5.30 pm EST. You can likewise visit 2 our showrooms with Antiques in The Hamptons on Long Island New York.
We are the source bronze garden fountains, bronze sculptures , garden statues
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bronze statues for sale please visit our bronze because our statues are the best statues like bronze children statue, bronze eagle, bronze turtle, elk sculptures, lions  and other bronzes 
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Bronze Boy with Dog
Cast Iron Boy
American football Player figurative sculpture
Bronze Girl with Water can
Bronze 3 Children Fountain
Bronze Children on the Swing
Bronze Kids Leapfrogging
" Bronze Boy and Girl with a Hose " Fountain
Bronze Kids Climbing a Tree
Bronze Baseball Batter
# V-50100
Bronze Football Child
Bronze Boxer
Bronze Boy On Earth
Bronze Boys on the Turtle
Bronze Basketball Player
Bronze Boy with Bicycle
Bronze Boy with Marble
Bronze Boy with Frog
Bronze Boy
Bronze Boy with Lasso
Bronze Girl holding a Flower Fountain
Bronze Children on the bench
Bronze Kids reading on a Branch
Bronze Boys Piggy Back Riding
Bronze Children Sitting

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On the off chance that Life Size Fiberglass and Resin Props and Displays Are What You Are Looking For, You are in the opportune spot! We offer Offers A Large Selection Of Life Size Resin Statues Such As substantial Chefs statues, life size Butlers and Waiters, stogie store indians statues, plastic extensive Pirates, life like Animals statue . A Large Selection Of Life Size Statues With Menu Sign/Boards. If You Are Looking For Life Size Animals, We additionally Offer Many Farm, Safari and Zoo Animals! Life Size Resin Nautical Displays We additionally Offer Large Fish, Alligators, Crocodiles, plastic outside Turtles. Life Size Statues, Figures, Props and Displays Are Hand Painted And Crafted Of A Durable Resin Fiberglass Suitable For Your A vast segment Of These Life Size Statues Have Been Featured On T.V., Used As Props For Trade Shows, Water Parks, Amusment Parks, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Museums, Special Events, Gamerooms, Recreation Centers, parade improvement Life size statue is an expert in bronze figures and bronze statues from quality bronze statues proliferations to exceptional model magnum opuses. On the off chance that you don't see it on our site we can get it or make it for you. We have numerous several perfectly composed bronze statues for you to browse - creature bronze statues and natural life, bronze puppets, garden statues and wellsprings, lights, tables, vases and that's only the tip of the iceberg, all cast utilizing the customary lost-wax process and hand-completed bronze figure